November 11, 2018.Bye bye and buon viaggio!

DOLOMITES/VENICE Tomorrow morning at 9 am we’ll board the train at nearby Chiusi for a 6 hour journey with 3 changes and 4 trains:  final destination is Brunico/Bruneck, in the Dolomites, aka the Italian Alps.  Loving the mountains we just wish to explore this area in the Italian Alps — midseason between summer hiking/biking and winter skiing.  I’m taking along my Nordic Walking Sticks for a bit of exercise.  75% of the people in Brunico, Italy speak German, so it’ll be nice to revisit German culture, having lived there recently for 7 years.  I’ll try to post pix when I return, but otherwise I must take a pause from this blog.  On the way back here via train to Mazzarelli we’ll stop for 4 nights in Venice in a back neighborhood on an island called Giudecca.  Of course we’ll check ahead to see if there’s acqua Alta, high water — if so, we’ll cancel.

Coffee Klatch!  Today was our Sunday coffee morning at Lia’s.  She makes fabulous breads in a wood-fired oven in her home in our village.  Many of us meet for coffee and chat on Sunday mornings.  Photos to be inserted later.

Macelleria. Butcher shop — here is where I went today to order a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I expect there will be 8 of us at Alex’s house, I’ll bring the cooked turkey and pecan pie.  Half of the people at the table will be Americans.  I love my butcher shop/deli for all the things they have besides meats.  Lots of prepared foods. Today I bought homemade pici pasta (our local pasta) and ragu and a small pork roast, all tucked into the freezer for our return from the Dolomites.

Baby Giacomo lives downstairs from us.  He’s 3 months old, and, boy is he ever cute.I took him small gifts yesterday — apparently taking baby gifts isn’t done here — maybe they feel obligated to bring a gift in return, in our case, surely not for a baby.  Giacomo’s daddy pointed out to me that Giacomo is the BOSS!  some kind of understatement.  We can hear him through the floor, but it’s very light.

Lunch today with friends at our local restaurant — Sunday lunch.  Bob had cacio e Pepe and I had sautéed thin sliced chicken breast with lemon and cooked fresh greens from the restaurant’s garden.  Nice to visit with friends.  The owners are friendly to us, but, alas, they have their place up for sale.  We had our 70th birthday party there.  And did I forget to mention the lava cake for dessert?

Lakefront walk. Just like in Kirkland, Washington, we live near a beautiful lake, Trasimeno.  Normally we take walks along it, but laziness set in today.  We drove along it, lots of Italian families out for a walk on a beautiful crisp fall Sunday.

fall colors.  Not like in Colorado orWashington, but our linden tree’s leaves are changing to colors iike those of a tortoise shell cat.  The local vineyards have stripes of color, with rows ranging from deep burgundy to pumpkin orange, as their leaves change and depending on the variety.

OLIVES are being picked around the neighborhood.  Friends and neighbors come around to help. We don’t have any, thank God! We’ve been to the mill to pick up a couple of liters of the fresh green stuff, cloudy looking, peppery tasting and chartreuse in color.  In a few months the cloudiness, pepperiness and chartreuse color go away, to make a silky product.  But we love this new oil!  Perfect on salads and on bread.  Raising olives and harvesting them for oil is a huge part of the local culture here.

COBALT SKY OLYMPUS is my granddaughter’s name for me.  It has something to do with fairies.  I believe in fairies.  My granddaughter gave herself the name EMERALD RAIN SILVERMANE.

On that note, this fairy is leaving, see you after Venice, or maybe during if I can do this on my IPAD.     Ciao!











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