December 5, 2018

Venice   Our little hotel, the Hotel Giudecca, stands beside a tiny canal bridge on the residential island of Giudecca, far away from the San Marco crowds, but just a short vaporetto (boat) ride away to all the action.  The hotel is quite correct, the neighborhood is quiet and the price was good in  mid-November — 49.00 Euro a night before breakfast (about $54.). However the wind off the Adriatic howled through the tiny back alleys and gave us a chill.  Several bars and restaurants nearby are excellent.

Our reason for the return to Giudecca/Venice was to see the 10 Vatican Chapels of the 2018 Architectural Biennial — chapels installed in a private garden on the very quiet and private island of San Giorgio — 10 places of meditation in the forest — a project of the “Holy See,” or the Pope and the Vatican.  It was the wonder child of the whole biennial and we are so glad to have taken a stroll through all ten of the chapels, designed by famous architects from around the globe.

A gingko tree was dropping its leaves.  I picked one up from the ground as a souvenir.  Inspired, I made it into an ink drawing and you can see it on our Christmas card “JOY.”

No, there wasn’t any high water.  It had receded completely.  You see waist high steel doors at doorways, ready to be put into service to keep the water out.  All around the big squares (piazza) was scaffolding to be erected in high water for pedestrian use.

The heat wasn’t working in our proper little hotel, otherwise we give it A+!

Who’s that couple walking hand in hand in the high mountain on the previous page?.  Well, it isn’t us.  I just snapped them while they walked ahead of us — their blue and red jackets perfect in the setting.  Did you think it was Bob and me?  Hah, had you fooled!

Italian language.   After 7 hours of private instruction in the last 5 weeks, my Italian has inched along.  I’ve written a story about a turkey (Peony) and a good witch (Beffi).  The latter rescues the former from a Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ll post the story and the drawings soon!  NB:  it’s in Italian!!  For kids.

Pellet Stove.. Our neighbor and fellow member of the senior citizens club does high roof work.  I am praising him to the heavens.(appropriate for high roof work)  The pellet stove is finally working.  Even after unloading a garbage bag full of birds nests straw, Giuliani and his colleague found yet another tiny nest — blocking the whole stove operation.  He has also repaired a roof leak around our TV antenna.

We are winding up our time here in Paciano — a short 5 weeks.  We’ll fly out of Rome on Friday. My next effort will be to post photos and the story about Peony. After that I’m pretty sure I won’t post again until March, when I take up residence here again. I suggest you bookmark this page and click the “follow” icon –that way you’ll get a notice by email every time I post.

Thanks so much for reading me and I wish you Merry Christmas — Buon Natale!!



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